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Curious facts about our health

sjuesju post on March 11th, 2017
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Health is the most important factor for a long-lasting life, but is also extremely complicated and complex structure, whose general condition depends on a huge number of factors and their interaction. It is important to know that even though our health has its protective and compensatory mechanisms when one element of the whole system stops working properly, it affects our overall health. Therefore, we selected a few interesting and strange facts that affect a small portion of our health, but which are just as important to us as anything else connected somehow with our health.

It is important to sleep on the left side

Though seemingly strange rule, sleeping on your left side helps to the activity of the heart, spleen and our digestive system. The main reason is gravity and the natural tendency of everything in our body to be try to be as closer as possible to the center of the earth.

The decision to stop eating meat is dangerous for our health

For one reason or another, the benefits of eating meat are bigger than the advantages of not having it on your table. At least in terms of your personal health. It is quite normal to expect at least an anemia after you decided to give up meat. This effectively means that everything should be taken in moderation, even giving up some of your food.

Sex is good for your health

Nature has made us so as to strive for sexual advances with another partner. The most common of the opposite sex. That’s why when practicing sex in the body are released large amounts of hormones and other substances that make us feel better, but also help the overall health of the body.

Stress is fattening

Obesity is one of the most pervasive causes of poor general health, but it turns out that one of the most serious reasons for the increased weight is stress. Hormones that help us to overcome stress are usually these we get when having a great meal for dinner. However, it usually happens we have too much stress to cope with which means more food which means we get into a closed circle whose ending point is once again bad health. That’s why it is important to deal with stress differently.

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The importance of preventive examinations

sjuesju post on March 11th, 2017
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It has been found long ago that it is much more effective to take care of your health proactively than to go to the doctor only when something hurts us. The time and money we would lost for the prophylactic examination can save us a huge amount of time and money if we can prevent a particular disease. In some cases, some of these diseases could be even deadly, but they could be found and cured long before the eventual unpleasant end.

What include the medical check-ups? Broadly speaking, it depends on the age of the person and the willingness and his or hers ability to take care of his or hers health. The rule is that the older a person is, the greater is the number of checked health factors. However, most often blood and urine are taken and the cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL-C are checked. Something that is also usually checked is the blood sugar level. With older people the possible presence of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women are checked too.

Of course, screenings can be more extensive, covering the whole field of the human health. Most reputable hospitals offer different packages of preventive examinations that allow their clients to cover more or less of the number of different diseases.

There are many European countries where preventive examinations are required and people are even subject to fines and more serious sanctions, in case they did not take part in such reviews. It has a purely economic logic, as government spending on treatment of sick person are several times higher than the cost of the check-up. More about that at

Caring for our health are the responsibility of each person, but there is hardly a better and healthier way to longevity and better life of continuous monitoring of what happens in our body. Moreover, by giving one or two of our days and certain funds for our health, we guarantee a quality and meaningful life for a long time. There is hardly anyone who would refuse a deal like this one.

Diets without sport???

sjuesju post on March 11th, 2017
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One of the most interesting things a man can hear when listen to conversations about health and especially weight loss is that one or another new diet has miraculous results. Many people believe that only by following certain principles of nutrition they could lose weight and restore their health, without doing anything else.

It is just not right!

Certainly when we talk about a healthy lifestyle, we have to put the diet on one of the top places. But the fact is that in no case wen can rely solely on it. If we do, then we are doomed to failure.

One of the most important things for a healthy and beautiful figure is that any diet must be accompanied by some kind of sport. The two things simply work together.

If you believe that only with diet you will achieve a beautiful figure, you should know that it just will not happen. It is no coincidence that recently everybody talk about the immobilization as the smoking in the 21st century. Immobilization can not be compensated with diet and even more, the combination of these two may be hazardous for your health.

Because of your good health is important to exercise as much as possible, but it could be even better if you find an option for professional advice. In this way you can combine the right exercise for your body, which in combination with proper diet will give you what you want – a beautiful and healthy body.

Of course, if you can not afford a professional coach to help you with training, you can always consult on Internet. You can read articles, watch videos or ask in a social network. So even without a coach, you can make you own sports program to help you feel comfortable with your body.

Remember, you must think the way to achieve and keep your good health as a process and as a combination of many different solutions. You will not get the required results you just one or another method. You have to combine!

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